On 4 April 2017, Philippe SIMON taught in Paris a course entitled « Audit P.I. et due diligence de portefeuille » (“IP audit and due diligence on patent portfolios”). This course is offered twice yearly by Institut Européen d’Entreprise et de Propriété Intellectuelle (IEEPI) based in Illkirch (67) near Strasbourg. Winnotek has been teaching this specific course since 2013 and iteratively improves its content thanks to feedback from its own field assignments. The audience is essentially composed of patent attorneys and IP lawyers practicing either within corporations or in Intellectual Property Consulting firms. This teaching offers a natural synergy with the IP Master Classes proposed by  Winnotek to startups and SMEs under sponsorship from INPI (National Institute for Intellectual Property): regional sessions of this latter program were launched in this same month of April 2017.