Winnotek is the exclusive HoK partner in France


HoK is the Norwegian strategy consultancy and training company, who created the Hooks online training modular course,
a set of ergonomic and intuitive micro modules dedicated to IP

Winnotek is the exclusive Hooks distributor in France

This course is meant for all functions of a company : supply chain, sales, finance, HR, partnership negotiation, marketing, R&D, quality management
Micro modules are perfectly adapted to operational time constraints
A specific ergonomy was designed to optimize memory and knowledge, and to allow for easy individual auto-assessment

Modules include for example the following themes

What is an IP asset?
Importance of secret and confidentiality
What is a patent?
Role of IP in the innovation life cycle
IP function relationship to other corporate functions
What is freedom to operate?
The various ways in which IP can be exploited
Typical contracts involving IP
When and why to search for prior art?