We create synergies between inventive startups and innovation-driven companies

You enjoy full access to our comprehensive expertise covering all issues of IP strategy and IP management

  • Protection of intangible assets, creation of IP rights
  • Identification and detection of IP assets, financial value estimates
  • Business and legal models selection for innovation, and use cases
  • Field deployment of innovation and consequent value creation
Winnotek is partening with Kannon M.S.D, an expert company in multi-physics (modelling) and in machine learning (artificial intelligence). By doing so we support our clients R&D maturation by dealing with the level transition from TRL3 (unitary functionality demonstration) toward TRL 6 (models demonstration of a whole system).

Our client sectors offer cross-technologies synergies

  • service platforms, multimedia, telecom, electronics
  • renewable and cleantech energies, transportations, remote medical care, biomedical
  • chemistry, specialty metals, automotive, air & space

innovate. (latin innovare, from “novus”= new): to bring a new component into a usage, a custom, a belief, a scientific or philosophic system, etc…. To implement change out of novelty mindset or desire.

innovator, tress. He or she who innovates or seeks to innovate. “Innovative spirit”.

innovation. Action whereby one innovates, or the observed result of this action: “To introduce an innovation”.