Winnotek is mandated by the EPO (European Patent Office) to study the impact  of the upcoming Unified European Patent on intellectual proprerty strategies adopted by SME’s.  Indeed this segment of economic activity is identified as a priority beneficiary of this new Intellectual Property legislation; the EPO wishes to better capture and understand their motivations and strategies, in order to assess the actual middle and long term impact of these new rules and regulations on their overall performance.

Winnotek participated in a workshop in Münich on 25 October 2016, together with a dozen IP experts from eight European countries: there, testimonies and data collected from selected successful European SME’s were compiled, screened and analyzed to be turned into exemplary case studies At the present time, Winnotek is completing two case studies: together with those drafted by the team of experts, they will, in March 2017, give rise to a textbook of “Best IP strategies and practices”. This tool will be extensively used by the EPO for awareness raising and personnel training programs targetting SME’s throughout the European Union.