The December 2021 issue of “les Nouvelles”, English language quarterly publication of Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) was just released. It once again offers Winnotek a privileged audience to present and promote its expertise.

After publishing Winnotek’s “Business Secrets” article in the previous issue (September 2021), the present quarterly dedicates its second cover page to the advertisement presenting Winnotek’s partners and comprehensive range of services. Further down in the magazine, two Winnotek partners, Pierre Ollivier and André Gorius, together contributed to all three articles embodying the progress report of the “LESI innovation trends” taskforce they both belong to:

  • “Is the current IP framework still performing well in its supporting function of introducing new technologies to the market?” (Dhenne, Gorius, Ollivier et al.)
  • “Innovation trends in energy, environment and advanced materials: future challenges for LES” (Gorius, Plebani)
  • “Business secrets are at the heart of a good intangible assets strategy for company executives” (Ollivier, De Leon)

Winnotek confirms its commitment to contributing to state of the art methodologies for monetization of innovations and efficient management of intangible assets, therefore providing success for its clients’ projects.