In November 2020, INPI (France’s National Institute for Intellectual Property) launched a new program of services called “Alliance Pi” (from project generation to signature of collaborative research consortium agreements).This program has three main components, targetting simultaneous and synergetic assistance to competitivity clusters, technology R&D centers, and industry stakeholders.

This program is progressively deployed over the full span of INPI’s network of agencies, in order to efficiently support, for startups and SME’s alike, their management of IP stakes and issues in the framework of collaborative R&D projects or technology transfers from Public Research to the private sector.

On 29 October 2020, all three Winnotek partners hosted and taught a webinar for INPI executives from all regions in the national network, just a few days before the official launch of the “Alliance Pi” initiative. The audience of about 100 account executives and regional managers enjoyed a comprehensive lecture on the activities, best practices and key success factors of a due diligence process addressing IP assets.