On December 1st 2022, Premier Cercle organizes its SPI seminar on Safran’s corporate campus at Château de Vilgénis (91). In this framework Winnotek prepared a roundtable dedicated to “Business Secrets and Know-How”. The Moderator is Nicolas Arpagian,  VP Cybersecurity Strategy for TREND MICRO, also regular contributor to “Les Echos” business daily and author of several books on cybersecurity.

Bastien Mancini, CEO of DELAIR, a drones manufacturer, is the Main Witness.

Hervé Delannoy, VP Legal Affairs for RALLYE GROUP, and Arnaud De la Fortelle, founder and CTO of HEEX TECHNOLOGIES, provide their expert advices to respond to Bastien Mancini’s testimony. They also contribute their vision of key issues around detection, protection and monetization of business secrets and know-how as well as best practices for their governance.