LA REPUBLIQUE DES ENTREPRENEURS” is a white paper published by the Foundation for Innovation in Politics. Its starting point is the observation that innovation in France exhibits a severe lack of collective vision. Experts seem poorly equipped to understand major transformations now under way. Any analysis compels them to revisit microeconomic mechanisms underlying these transformations, which can be reduced neither to digitalization of corporations, nor to uberization, nor to collaborative engineering systems.Then the white paper sketches action proposals to create a “Republic of entrepreneurs”.  This paper was written by a group of entrepreneurs facilitated by Vincent Lorphelin, joint chairman of the Iconomics Institute and founder of Venture Patents.

This group is composed of Nicolas d’Audiffret, Michel Bauwens, Jean-Marc Béguin, Jean-René Boidron, Jérôme Boyé, Jean-David Chamboredon, Hugues Chevalier, Pierre-Henri Deballon, Cyrille Le Floch, Clément Le Fournis, Bertrand Galley, Grégory Gazagne, Geoffroy Guigou, Idris Hassim, Philippe Hayat, Philippe Honigman, Mehdi Houas, Francis Jacq, Gervais Johanet, Arnaud Katz, Pauline Laigneau, Guilhem Miranda, Pierre Ollivier, François Pacot, Christian Saint-Etienne and Michel Volle.