Hub France IA  is a professional association that federates and promotes artificial intelligence projects in France, from end-users as well as solutions developers’ standpoints Its membership amounts to about 40 organizations (large groups, SME’s, startups, academics, public service….) and it jointly supervises the 2021 AI Plan of the Ile de France region.

On 24 November 2020, Winnotek partners, Pierre Ollivier, Philippe Simon and André Gorius, offered a 90 mn webinar dedicated to Intellectual Property issues specific to the AI sector: critical questioning of technology strategies, evolutions of business models, traceability of IP assets and of their creation in collaborative projects, financial value assessment of IP assets  and of data itself.

This event opens the way to a series of future workshops dedicated to specific subjects selected by the audience. These will be proposed throughout 2021 in the framework of the Hub’s educational and promotional activities for the benefit of the French Artificial Intelligence ecosystem.

A comprehensive recording of the webinar is accessible (in French). For this, insert your email on the upper zone of the page appearing when clicking here.